Forager: Complete List of Scrolls with Materials & Bonuses


GamingForager: Complete List of Scrolls with Materials & Bonuses

Scrolls are in item in Forager which can be used to provide buffs or make game changing effects. Crafting scrolls will require pigments, which there are currently two types of in the game. These are Green Pigment and Purple Pigment.

Instead of crafting scrolls, they can also be purchased from Markets, and also be given as rewards from Shrines, where you will receive a random selection of scrolls. You can either activate these, or sell them to Markets for high profits.

One of the best scrolls is the Sage Scroll, which will give large amounts of XP to the player. It’s one of the best methods for obtaining XP other than Spirit Orbs, allowing you to level up quickly and efficiently. 

The Inscription Table

Below, you can currently see a list of Scrolls currently available to be crafted in Forager, as well as their value, ingredients and effects given. If you want to check out some more guides for the game, make sure to check out our dedicated area here

List of Scrolls

To craft scrolls, you will need to build the Inscription Table found under the Magic tab. To build the table, it is required that you unlock the Inscription tab under the Magic Skills section. You will also need to unlock the ‘Novice Scrolls’ and ‘Expert Scrolls’ skills.

Sage Scroll

    • Scroll Value: 350 Gold Coins (Novice)
    • Ingredients: 5 Paper, 5 Green Pigment and 1 Bottled Fairy.
    • Effect: Gives a large amount of XP to the user.

Builder Scroll

    • Scroll Value: 350 Gold Coins (Novice)
    • Ingredients: 5 Paper, 5 Green Pigment and 2 Bottled Torchbug.
    • Effect: Boosts the production speed of nearby structures.

Druid Scroll

    • Scroll Value: 325 Gold Coins (Novice)
    • Ingredients: 5 Paper, 5 Green Pigment and 5 Cinderbloom Flowers.
    • Effect: Spawns a lot of plants around the player.

Wizard Scroll

    • Scroll Value: 900 Gold Coins (Expert)
    • Ingredients: 5 Paper, 5 Purple Pigment and 5 Bottled Deathmoth.
    • Effect: Turns resources around the player into animals.

Miner Scroll

    • Scroll Value: 880 Gold Coins (Expert)
    • Ingredients: 5 Paper, 5 Purple Pigment and 3 Steel.
    • Effect: Spawns a lot of rocks and minerals around the player.

Demon Scroll

    • Scroll Value: 800 Gold Coins (Expert)
    • Ingredients: 5 Paper, 5 Green Pigment and 10 Demon Horns.
    • Effect: Shoots deadly fireballs in every direction around the player.

Best Way to Use These Scrolls

Some scrolls are incredibly useful, others not so much. You can use the Sage Scroll to level up very quickly, with it probably costing around 3-4 scrolls to level up in the early game. The value of them isn’t too high, so it’s definitely worth using them.

If you haven’t unlocked Shrines yet, then Builder Scrolls are also very handy, as they will massively increase the working speed of structures around you. Meaning you will receive resources much faster. 

Druid Scrolls are definitely useful towards the late game where you might need to pick up some materials such as Berries. It will fill the land with that biomes plants, allowing you to harvest them for materials. I used this scroll many times to collect Beets and Berries. 

Looking for the Golden Egg? Wizard Scrolls might help here, spawning a lot of animals around the player. If you need Jellies from Slimes or Eggs from Chickens, consider using this scroll. Although it’s valued at 900 coins, the most valuable of all.

I never used a Miner Scroll in my play-through, as rocks and minerals where always abundant. However, if you’re in need of some Gold Ore or Iron Ore quickly, then this scroll can help massively. Otherwise, sell it for the gold coins!

Finally, the Demon Scroll. You’ll need fast fingers to activate this scroll to switch to it on the hot-bar. However, it’s worth it as it will obliterate most mobs and enemies around you instantly. Use it in sticky situations.

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