Forager: Frozen Galaxy Puzzle Guide & Solution


Frozen Galaxy is one of the Galaxy Puzzels, with this one located in the Winter Biome. For completing this puzzle, you will receive 4 Small Chests and 1 Big Chest. You will also receive the Frozen Galaxy Seal and Frozen Astronomer feat.

This is one of the easier puzzles. Unlike some of the puzzles which consist of complicated mazes or require items. When you enter the tower, you will see a room with 5 computers with strange symbols underneath. 

These symbols are 1s and 0s, which means they are binary codes. You can go online yourself and look for a binary converter, or follow the solution below.

You can interact with the computers to change the numbers on them, with them going between 1 and 5. Set the left computer to 5, the second to 3, the third to 4, the fourth to 2 and the fifth to 4.

You will receive your chests and seal. For more Forager Guides including puzzles, quests and more, make sure to check out our dedicated area here!

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