Forager: How to Build Bridges to Cross Islands


GamingForager: How to Build Bridges to Cross Islands

Relatively early on into Forager, you will be told to buy new land, or an island. This allows you to explore more areas, find new loot and progress through the game.

The only problem of course is that these are islands, and don’t connect to your existing land. Therefor, you will need to build bridges between islands so that you can cross them. Once built, you can also build structures on bridges.

Below, we have a quick guide showing you just how to build bridges in Forager. Whilst if you want to check out some more guides for the game, you can check out our dedicated area

Building Bridges

First, you are going to want to press Escape in-game to open the menu. Using the tabs at the top of the screen, head to the ‘Build’ menu.

On the right hand side, you can see all the different building categories. These are Industrial, Farming, Economic and Magical. Under the Farming tab, you will see ‘Bridge’.

Choose the Bridge option, and place it down on water. Each piece of bridge costs 4 wood. They can also be built inside your island in any spots where there are gaps with water. As mentioned previously, structures can be built on bridges. Whilst they can also be destroyed by hitting them with your pic-axe.  

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