Forager: How to Build the Furnace


GamingForager: How to Build the Furnace

One of the first tasks you have to complete in Forager is building the Furnace. Whilst it’s quite straight forward, we thought we’d put a short guide together anyway for anyone who might be confused.

It’s impossible to progress through the game without building the furnace, as you will need it to smelt ores, create coal and more. 

Below, you can see our quick guide for building the Furnace in Forager. Whilst if you’re interested, we’ve put together some more guides which can be found here.

Building the Furnace

First off, head into the games menu. You can do this on PC by pressing Escape. You will see multiple tabs at the top of the screen, choose the ‘Build’ tab. 

Now on the right side of the screen, you will see 4 sections. These are Industrial, Farming, Economic and Magic. Inside of the Industrial section, you will see the Furnace and Forge which you need to build.

To build a Forge, you will require 10 stone which can be mined on the island around you. Stone can also be turned into Coal inside a furnace which is very useful.

Place the furnace down on your island. I recommend you put it against a wall so that no objects spawn behind it that you wont be able to see. 

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