Forager: How to Buy New Islands and Unlock New Lands


GamingForager: How to Buy New Islands and Unlock New Lands

In Forager, you’ll start with one island in the plains biome. To progress through the game, you’ll have to unlock more islands which cost gold coins. 

Islands contain new items, puzzles, chest, mobs and more. Whilst there are different biomes available such as plains, desert, graveyard, winter and fiery. Unlocking new islands is relatively slow early on in the game.

Below, we have a short guide showing you how to unlock new islands and lands in Forager. Whilst we have covered some more guides for the game which can be found here

Unlocking Islands

To start buying land, open the game menu by pressing Escape on PC. The 4th tab along at the top of the screen is “Buy Land”, press this.


The first and cheapest land you will be able to buy costs 30 gold coins. You can unlock this by choosing one of the economy skills after levelling up, which will instantly give you 40 cold.

After you’ve bought the land, you will need to cross over to it by building bridges. Whilst there are a set amount of islands and what’s on them is set, it’s random which one you will receive. 

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