Forager: How to Get Bones


Bones are a material in Forager that you will need to upgrade your tools. After creating a pickaxe out of slimes, the next upgrade will be to create one out of bones. 

This axe will provide some upgraded perks including an increase in damage by 150% and gain 50% more bones when killing skeletons. So now we just need to know where to find and kill skeletons.

Below you can read our quick guide for finding and killing skeletons in Forager. Whilst we’ve put together a few more guides for the game which can be viewed here!

Collecting Bones

To collect Bones, you will need to unlock the graveyard biome. You can do this by buying new lands until you unlock it, the ground in these areas are purple in color. 

On Graveyard Lands, new plants, food, mobs and enemies will spawn including Skeletons. Whilst sometimes they will spawn naturally, other times you will want to destroy the gravestones with your pickaxe.

When you destroy a gravestone, there is a high chance that a Skeleton will spawn. You can usually kill these with two or three hits with your pickaxe, or fewer if you are using a sword. Skeletons will drop bones as loot for you to upgrade your tools with. 

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