Forager: How to Get Large Amounts of Poop Fast


GamingForager: How to Get Large Amounts of Poop Fast

Poop is a material in Forager that you will likely need for many things. The Fox, who can be found in the Winter Biome will ask you to provide him with 500 Poop in order to complete a quest. Whilst it is also used in the Flower Press to create Landfill, which can be used to build Land on water tiles.

There are multiple ways to obtain it. With one way being in Markets. Occasionally, it will show up in the ‘For sale’ list in the the Markets in large quantities that you can buy. You can build multiple markets at once which will increase your chances of finding it, whilst unlocking the Supply skill will increase the number of items for sale in Markets from 3 to 6.

However, you can collect almost infinite poop yourself from animals in Forager. We’ll show you how to do so below in depth. If you want to check out some more guides for the game, make sure you check out our Forager Guides area!

Collecting Poop From Animals

First off, you will need access to the Windmill. To unlock Windmills, you will need to learn the Faming skill found under the foraging tree. Inside the windmill, you can create seeds and other farming items.

Craft Animal Feed

We want to create Animal Feed. Which costs Flowers, Jelly and 2 Poop. Animals will poop naturally, however it’s very slow to get. Keep checking markets in case it pops up there to make this process quicker. You will want to get quite a bit of animal feed.

Collecting poop

Use your animal feed on the cows by right clicking them. They will drop lots of poop, with the amounts increased depending on the skills and buffs that you have. Luckily, you can use a lot of animal feed on the same cow.

You can also use animal feed on chickens so they drop more eggs, which can help with finding the Golden Egg.

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