Forager: How to Get the Crystal Cave Boss Key


The Crystal Cave is quite a confusing one in the Forager game. Some items seem unobtainable, such as the Skull Boss Key and 3 Frozen Chests found in a nearby room.

You might notice that your fiery pickaxe doesn’t melt the ice, nor can it be mined. So obtaining them is a puzzle in itself. This puzzle definitely takes some trial and error to figure out yourself, but luckily we have the solution below.

You can find out how to grab the Crystal Cave Boss Key in our short guide below. Whilst if you’re wanting to check out some more Forager Guides, we have you covered!

Obtaining the Boss Key

So before you can actually get your hands on the Boss Key, you need to make your way through the Crystal Cave as much as possible until you find this Blue Chest. You’ll need to take some minecarts and clear some doorways.

Inside the chest is an Ice Rod, which you need to get not only the key, but the 3 chests inside the room. You get to keep the Ice Rod once you leave the cave. Head back to the area where the key is.

Use the Ice Rod on the Brazier opposite the key to freeze it. This will cause the laser beam to shine from the Brazier onto the ice wrapped around the key, allowing you to take it. You can do the same for the small chests.

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