Forager: How to Restore Energy and Hunger


GamingForager: How to Restore Energy and Hunger

Each action you complete in Forager will use up some of your energy. You can see your current energy in the top left under the health bar, your energy/hunger is the green bar. 

When your energy depletes, you will lose health. Whilst you can also increase your energy and health as the game progresses. Unlike some other games, you don’t sleep to restore energy, instead, you have to eat food items.

Below, we have a quick beginners guide to restoring energy and hunger in the early stages of Forager. If you want to check out some more guides for the game, you can see our dedicated area here.

Restoring Energy

The first biome that you will spawn in is the plains biome, which is green. Here, Berry Bushes are abundant and will re-spawn constantly. You can collect these by hitting them with your pic-axe, with each bush providing multiple berries.

On PC, press Escape to open your inventory. You will see the Berries, which can be used and eaten to restore 8 energy. Make sure to always have a supply of food in your inventory.

As you progress through the game, more efficient foods will show up such as meat and turnips. Whilst you can also build your own fishing trap at an early point in the game to catch fish. 

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