Forager: Rainbow Island Puzzle Guide


GamingForager: Rainbow Island Puzzle Guide

One of the first puzzles you will likely come across in Forager is the Rainbow Puzzle. When buying an island, you will receive land in a U shape, with a bit of path leading to a rainbow. 

Luckily, the rainbow puzzle is quite simple. After completing the puzzle, you will receive a giant chest which will contain some much needed loot. The puzzle is completed using mushrooms found on the island.

Below, we have a quick guide on completing the rainbow puzzle in Forager. Whilst we’ve completed many more guides for the game which can be found here.

Rainbow Puzzle

Before starting the puzzle, I recommend you clear the island. At least so that you can see all the different mushrooms, there should be 6 in total, all in a different color. 

Now look at the rainbow, which is also 6 different colors. On the image above, you can see the colors inwards go Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple.

To complete the puzzle and receive the chest, all you have to do is destroy all the mushrooms in the same order as the rainbows colours. So I would destroy the red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple mushrooms in that order.

If you have previously destroyed a mushroom and can’t complete the puzzle, you will need to clear all of the mushrooms so that they re-spawn. 

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