Forager: Where to Find the Golden Egg


GamingForager: Where to Find the Golden Egg

One of Foragers Quests in the Desert Biome will have you hunting for a Golden Egg. The Old Man who can be found in the middle of one of the lands will ask you to find one for him, in return for a reward.

It’s one of the rarest items in the game, mainly because it can’t be crafted or grabbed manually. The chances of obtaining it are completely random. You see, the Golden Egg is laid by normal chickens, but the chances of it dropping are very slim. However, there are a few things you can do to increase your drop rate.

Chickens spawn in Grass Biomes, however they will run to other areas. So keep your eyes on those areas mostly.

Remember, Chickens won’t lay eggs on their own. You have to interact with them to make them actually lay eggs, which can be done by pressing E on PC. We have some more Forager guides which may be of use to you, found here!

golden egg
The Golden Egg

Get the Right Artefacts

Another quest that can be found in the Desert Biome of Forager is ‘Desert Princess’. This NPC will provide you with 2 short quests where you have to provide flowers and royal clothing. The reward for completing these quests is the ‘Pink Bow’ artefact. 

What’s so great about this artefact is that it increases the amount of resources that animals drop by 25%. Meaning chickens will lay more eggs at a time, increasing the odds of them laying a Golden Egg.

Use Droids

If you haven’t unlocked Droids yet, then ignore this section as they’re late game items. However, if you do have them, make use of them! Droids will follow you around and automatically harvest items where possible. 

If a chicken is nearby, droids will zip away and harvest them for eggs and also place them in your inventory. This is the fastest way of finding the Golden Egg in Forager. 

Drink a Potion

By drinking an Ana’s Delight potion, you will get the Glittery buff, which will increase the spawn rate of animals around you. This means you’ll find plenty more chickens around, which you can make lay eggs. 

You can also drink a Liquid Luck Potion, which will give you the Lucky buff. What this buff does is makes resources drop double the amount of items, whilst increasing the chances of finding rare items.

Make Use of a Shrine

By building your own Shrines under the Magic section, you can get buffs every few minutes by the end of the game. One of these buffs is ‘Hoarder’, which causes resources to drop extra items. Using it will likely make chickens drop extra eggs. Although I can’t guarantee it works with chickens, but no harm in trying.

Activate a Scroll

If you have an Inscription Table, or are already carrying scrolls, a Wizard Scroll may be of use to you. It can be crafted with 5 Paper, 5 Purple Pigment and 5 Bottled Deathmoths. Activating this scroll will turn resources around you into animals, essentially increasing the amount of chickens around you. 

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