Golden Llamas in Fortnite


Golden Llamas in Fortnite

Golden Llamas are an upgrade from the Silver Llamas in Fortnite. They are the highest tier of upgrade Llamas and offer the best loot, usually including at least 1 legendary item.

To get a Golden Llama, you will need to first crack open an upgrade Llama. These have a chance of turning into a Silver Llama, and upon opening this one, has an even smaller chance of turning into a golden Llama!

However, levelling your collection book to Level 13 seems to give a guaranteed Jackpot Golden Llama. Upgrade Llamas have an Up arrow on the saddle, where as jackpot Llamas have a picture of a chest.

Golden Llamas are currently the rarest types of Llamas to receive. So far, I have received one from the collection book which I’ve covered in this post. I have also received one from a standard upgrade Llama.

Fortnite Golden Llama loot rewards
The Golden Llama in Fortnite

Loot received from a Golden Llama in Fortnite

After opening the Golden Llama, I received two choice cards. The first was to choose between an epic engineer or an epic explorer. I chose the explorer.

Fortnite Golden Llama loot rewards epic engineer or epic explorer

The second card choice was either a Legendary Ranged Weapon Schematic or just a Legendary Schematic. I chose Legendary Schematic, and received a ‘Copper Farmer’s Glory’.

Fortnite Golden Llama loot rewards legendary ranged schematic or legendary schematic

Below, you can see all of the loot I received from opening a Golden Jackpot Llama. Overall, it wasn’t a lot of loot and not a lot of great items either. 1 Legendary, 5 Epic items and 3 Rare items.

Fortnite Golden Llama loot rewards all loot and cards

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