Fortnite Creative: How to copy an item


GamingFortniteFortnite Creative: How to copy an item

Fortnite Creative has many ease of access items to make building far easier. The most useful option available is the copy, cut and paste option. Creating large sections of a building can be done in a few seconds with only a few clicks. In this quick guide will show you how to access this tool and how to use it.


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Copy and pasting


Duplicating items has never been easier in Fortnite creative. To utilise it, make sure you have your mobile device equipped. It looks like a mobile phone in your action bar. From there, mouse over an item with your centre cursor and press the left mouse button.

Now you’ve copied an item, click the left mouse button again to paste it onto a new location. From here you can create as many of your chosen item as you need. Once you’re finished, simply click the right mouse button to clear your copy.


Alternatively, you can cut an item. To do so, make sure your device is equipped. Then hover your centre cursor over the chosen item and click your right mouse button. This removes the original item but saves it in your device to be pasted as many times as you like. To do so, simply