Fortnite: How to Show Your Ping In-Game


GamingFortnite: How to Show Your Ping In-Game

It’s possible to display your ping in Fortnite Battle Royale, so that you can see whether you are suffering from any issues. As well as ping, you can see your upload  & download to the Fortnite servers, as well as if you are losing packets.

There is always the possibility that there are problems with the Fortnite servers, which may cause high ping. You should check the Fortnite BR subreddit or Epic Games status page to see if there are any issues.

Meanwhile, you can check your own ping by doing a speed test with a service such as Ookla. If you are struggling with high ping, we have provided some solutions at the bottom of thie post.

If you want to check out some more guides for Fortnite Battle Royale, we have some covered on our site here!

Showing your Ping in Fortnite BR

To start, head into a game and open the settings menu. Press either the START button on your controller or ESC on your keyboard. Press the Cog icon to open the settings menu.

fortnite open settings
Open the Settings menu

Head over to the ‘Game’ tab which again, is the Cog icon on the top bar. Make sure you select the HUD tab inside the Game settings screen. You should end up on the screen below. Switch on ‘Net debug stats’ and save your settings.

net debug stats fortnite
Under the HUD area, turn on Net Debug Stats

When you head back into the game, you will notice that you have some new information and stats displayed in the top left of the screen near your health bar. You can’t change the position or size of this yet, however it gives you what you need.

ping information fortnite
Ping and other information can be seen in the top left

You can see your Ping, Packet Loss, Upload & Download from Fortnite servers. Below, we have a few methods to help lower your ping and reduce lag in Fortnite Battle Royale.

Reducing Ping in Fortnite

One of the first steps you can take is making sure you are connected to the right server. If you are based in Europe but are somehow playing on the American servers, you can expect to have over 100 ping. Head into the game settings to change this.

Ensure that you are not downloading in the background, whether it be games updating or torrent clients. As well as that, you can try switching off anything that is downloading via streaming such as Spotify, Netflix or YouTube. If you aren’t downloading, someone else in your household could be which will cause high ping for you.

As mentioned earlier, you can also check Fortnites server status. You will quickly find out whether or not the servers are struggling under a heavy load.

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