Fortnite: How to Turn Off the Language Filter


By default, Fortnite has a language filter which is enabled. This means that when people cuss or use swear words in the games chat system, it will usually be filtered out with symbols such as asterisks.

There currently isn’t a chat system implemented in the game when actually playing a match. However you can talk to friends through chat and also connect to global chat if you are an owner of Fortnite PvE, Save The World.

Below, we have a quick guide to show you how to disable this language filter. Meanwhile, we have covered some more guides for Fortnite Battle Royale, available here.

Disable the Language Filter in Fortnite BR

To start, head to the main menu in Fortnite Battle Royale. Open your friends list, and hit the social settings icon. It appears in the top right of your friends list, it looks like 3 lines and a cog.

fortnite friends list social settings
Open the Social Settings menu from your friends list

You will see a new settings menu open up where the friends list was, as seen on the image below. Here, you can change a lot of game options when it comes to your friends list. For example, hide blocked players, hide recent players, show time stamps and change the font size.

filter mature language option fortnite
Disable ‘Filter mature language’ in the settings

The option that you want to choose is ‘Filter mature language’. From now on, any swear words that appear in chat will not be filtered out. This option is usually enabled by default, but if you’re a parent, you may want to make sure that this is enabled anyway.

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