Fortnite Season 6 – A Quick Recap of the Cube and Season 6 Prediction


With Season 6 scheduled to drop in just a day, Fortnite fans are still scrambling to piece together the mysteries of “the cube,” and what changes it might spell out for the incoming season.

Aptly named, the iridescent, lightning-kissed block of mysteries spawned into Fortnite late into Season 5—August 25th, to be exact—and it’s movements and actions have perturbed fans since.

What does its existence indicate? And what might it be foreshadowing for the impending season?

Before the Cube

Upon it debut, Season 5 was titled World’s Collide. Informed by the Season’s skins, Epic-released material, and map updates, fans came to the understanding that the purpose of the rifts, remnants of the pivotal space rocket event of the previous season, were in fact so that worlds could, literally, collide.

The character “Drift,” was revealed to have been pulled from another world, possibly even “our,” world, and into Fortnite by the rifts, and the Viking themed skins and villages are all implied byproducts of the rifts’ existence.

In addition to these inclusions, the Tomato Town location is uprooted by the rift, only to be replaced with Tomato Temple, a conspicuously Aztec looking structure that heralds back to a time long gone.

Tomato Temple looming ominously between the trees.

The rifts activities persisted throughout Season 5, making slight, and sometimes subtle, alterations to the map’s environment. Noteworthy additions include the Stone Heads and the singular addition of the Durr Burger Statue, which had previously been sighted in “our,” world.

Birth of the Cube

Eventually, players observed a culmination of rifts’ power in one last epic lightning strike that subsequently birthed the cube. A fittingly named six-sided hexahedron, the cube first made landing in quadrant H9 of the map. It proved to have fascinating properties; besides its odd coloring, it exhibited the ability propel players away from itself with what appeared to be a lightning charged blast, and through a series of map updates, was shown to have some form of mobility. It also emitted a low gravity force field, the remnants of which can still be found throughout the map.

For the past few weeks, the cube has been methodically traveling across the map, leaving behind insignias and force fields with gravity altering abilities in its wake. If not somewhat cryptic, the cube’s seemingly calculated movements eerily suggest a sense of purpose.

Purple for as far as the eye can see.

Most recently, players of the game will find that Loot Lake, where the cube made its last known appearance, has been upgraded to exhibit a purple, glowing sheen, with bouncy properties similar to that of the original cube’s. The Lake’s transformation and novel properties are heavily implied to be a result of its interactions with the cube.

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Wait, what’s that?

But what is the cube? And what purpose does it, or will it, serve? Epic has divulged little in the way of what this all means, and fans remain perplexed by both the cube’s journey, and it’s final resting place.

The Cube and Season 6

The last two days have seen Epic release two teaser images: one of a cybernetic donkey and another of a cowwoman (female cowboy?) each respectively superimposed on a dramatically violet backdrop of the cube.

Interestingly, futuristic DJ Donkeys, and outdated Western architypes would conventionally be thought of as having historical placements that are periodically quite far apart. The somewhat cybernetic donkey would most likely indicate a place far in the future, whereas the old timey Western cowwoman would seem to suggest some facet of the past.

Considering everything in Season 5 leading up to the cube’s appearance, including the insinuation that the cube is a direct result of the rifts, I don’t think it’s too farfetched to theorize that the cube, or what remains of it, will serve a similar purpose to the rifts, and that maybe these characters will be a derivative of the cube’s activities.

My favorite personal theory is that each remnant insignia will be responsible for the arrival of a new out-of-place-out-of-time hero, and perhaps even, that each of the remaining force fields will alter the time-placement or history of the area it covers in a similar phenomenon to Tomato Town.

From this writer’s perspective, the changes to Tomato Town, coupled with several other Season 5 updates that replace previously existing structures with slightly altered or aged versions of themselves, seem to imply that the rifts have somehow tampered with the map’s history, perhaps even pocketing certain locations and altering their placement in time.

I think it’s very possible that the cube’ remaining force fields will serve a similar purpose this coming season. If this proves true, Fortnite players could be seeing a huge and exciting overhaul of the map as we know it.

Whatever the results, I and fellow fans eagerly await the release of Fortnite Season 6, on September 27th!

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