Fortnite Adds Klombos & Tilted Towers in the Latest Update


GamingFortniteFortnite Adds Klombos & Tilted Towers in the Latest Update

After a short spout of downtime and maintenance today, Fortnite is back online with the Version 19.10 Update. There’s lots to be excited about, especially with the addition of Klombos!

Originally called Buttercake, these large creatures were renamed after the community continuously named them Klombos. This article will hopefully tell you everything you need to know about them.

About Klombos

It’s long been theorized that large creatures patrolled the island in Fortnite, and they’ve finally been discovered! These large dinosaur-like animals can be found roaming the island. They shouldn’t be too hard to spot, due to their immense size, and they’re also not affected by the recently added tornadoes.

fortnite klombo
A Klombo in Fortnite

They look both menacing and cute at the same time, but don’t worry. They’re completely peaceful and won’t attack players without a reason. You might notice that they suck up any drops off the ground, such as Wood, Fishing Rods and even Weapons.

But one thing they like most is Klomberries. These new fruits were also added in the 19.10 Update, and can be fed to the Klombos by dropping them on the ground nearby. After eating Klomberries, the Klombos can drop items for you, like Weapons or Shield Potions.

Another interesting mechanic to note about these creatures is that you can actually climb on top of them. Try running up their tail, or building a staircase. You can’t tame or ride them, but there is a blowhole. Standing in this will launch you into the air, allowing you to deploy your glider.

Don’t attack the Klombos, because they fight back! If they become hostile towards you, the Klombos will glow orange, charge towards you and even launch fireballs. You can try and calm it again by feeding it Klomberries.

Other Additions

Other changes that came with the Version 19.10 Update include the Grenade Launcher, which has been unvaulted. It’s also received a slight buff, as the first grenade will now explode on impact, instead of bouncing. They’re a legendary drop, and can be obtained from Rare Chests, Supply Drops and Sharks.

Tilted Towers

Tilted Towers, which was previously covered in ice has also thawed out! As the snow has slowly receded over the past few days, it’s unveiled this classic location. But be careful, it’s one of the hottest locations in the game right now. There’s also expected to be season challenges involving Tilted Towers soon.

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