Fortnite Battle Royale: All chest locations in Loot Lake


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All Chest locations in Fortnite BR Loot Lake

Loot Lake is relatively close to the centre of the map in Fortnite Battle Royale. It’s just slightly North West, situated between Pleasant Park, Dusty Depot, Tilted Towers and Anarchy Acres.

Arguably, Loot Lake is one of the more highly contested locations.

In this post, we’re going to show you each chest location in Loot Lake, helping to maximise the amount of loot and rewards you can find! Contrary to the name, Loot Lake doesn’t actually have a lot of chests. Currently, it has 15 chests spread out over a wide area, making it less desirable than locations such as Pleasant Park.

The map below shows chest locations, indicated with a yellow circle. Where as numbers represent general areas, so that we can go into more detail on the location of each chest further down in this post.

It’s important to note that not all chests have a guaranteed chance of spawning. Whilst the locations are always the same, the chance of them spawning isn’t. 

If you want to see more Fortnite Chest Locations, here are some other areas we have covered:

Loot Lake chest locations in Fortnite Battle Royale map
Map of chest locations at Loot Lake, marked as a circle.

Loot Lake Chests

With chests being so spread out around Loot Lake, the numbers represent quite a large area. Starting at Area 1 on the map above, which is on the West side of Loot Lake, we have 4 chests.

The first one can be found South of the first building, surrounded by metal fences. Whilst two more chests can be found inside the first building. One is located on the ground floor under the metal staircase, the other one is upstairs.

Finally, we have one more chest just North of the building we where in, inside another building. The chest can be found near the top, just under the roof on a platform.

Area 2 covers four chests, all along the coast on the main bit of land. Firstly, the modern looking house contains a single chest on the ground floor, in a basement like room. Whilst the lookout tower East of this house also contains one chest at the top.

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Heading just South of the lookout tower is a wooden dock, with a shack on the edge of it. Another chest has the chance of spawning inside this shack, so make sure to check it out when running past.

The final chest is a bit out the way, South East of the shack mentioned in the previous paragraph. It’s located behind a giant tree, in the centre of a campsite.

In the centre of Loot Lake in Fortnite Battle Royale is an island with a house on it. This place is marked as Area 3 on the map, and holds three chests. Inside of the actual house only has one chest, found upstairs in a smallish bedroom facing West.

The second chest can be found on the South West part of the island, near a support beam for the house. It’s on a lower level to the house, not much higher than the lake.

Finally, the last chest is pretty hard to find. It can be found near the boat dock on the North side of the island at the same height as the lake. Behind the dock is a cave, which has the final chest inside for this area.

The final points of interest, which is Area 4 covers around the island in the centre of Loot Lake. Firstly, in the actual lake are 3 wooden boats. Each one has the chance of a chest spawning inside it.

The only problem with this is you are very exposed in the lake, and your movement speed is also severely reduced making you an easy target. These boats are also spread out and far away from each other, so it’s unlikely you will get all 3.

North of the main island in Loot Lake, there is a smaller island which has a small campsite on it. The final chest of Loot Lake can be found on this island!

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