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All Chest locations in Pleasant Park

Pleasant Park is one of the most well known locations in Fortnite Battle Royale. Situated within Pleasant Park is 8 houses, surrounding a recreation area where there is a football pitch.

It’s usually a highly contested area, due to the amount of chests currently available sitting at 16 in total. 14 of these chests are located inside and underneath houses, whilst the final 2 are out in the open. One in the centre of the football field, and one just behind it near the benches.

In this post, we’re going to show you each chest location in Pleasant Park, helping to maximise the amount of loot and rewards you can find!

Pleasant Park Chest Locations in Fortnite Battle Royale
Pleasant Park map, with chests indicated by a small yellow circle. Points of interest are labelled with a number.

Pleasant Park Chests

Firstly, the best house in Pleasant Park would have to be the destroyed house. (Marked with a Number 1 on the map above). It’s the house located furthest south-west, and has a huge log going through the roof. With this house being in a bit of a state, most people will avoid it.

However inside are 3 chests, more than any other house in Pleasant Park (except a house in the opposite corner).

You can find one chest in the top floor (inside the attic). Another chest can be found on the floor below the attic. This floor has a log going through the roof, and you can usually see any chests when coming in for landing. Finally, the last chest can be found inside the basement, in the back corner of the small room.

Going into the second house, marked with a Number 2 on the map, this house has the potential of 2 chests. If you decide to go for this house, land on the roof. There is a flat ledge on the back.

You need to land on the roof as you will find a chest in the attic once again. You might also find a weapon drop on the ledge, helping you to take out anyone coming for the same chest. There is a chance for a chest to spawn inside the roof of the garage in this house too.

The third house, marked with a Number 3 is the final house in this row of Pleasant Park. It has the chance of spawning a single chest in the lower roof, not the attic.

This house isn’t great for chests clearly, but if you manage to clear the whole row of houses, you have had a potential 6 chests so far which is easy going.

Moving further North, we have house Number 4 which can have up to 2 chests inside it. Like most other houses in Pleasant Park and Fortnite Battle Royale, the first chest can be found in the attic.

Whilst the second chest has a chance of spawning in the other roof section, to the side of the house. You can knock through the wall inside the house to get to it.

In house Number 5, there is only the chance of 1 chest being spawned. It’s located in the roof if it does happen to spawn. It should be easy to get too from the previous house.

Now we are leaving the row of houses to the North, and heading to the 3 houses located to the East. There are 3 houses here. Starting with House Number 6, this is a good house to drop at.

House 6 has the chance of 3 chests spawning in and around it. The first one can be located inside the attic, with the second on the floor below in the other roof section. Finally, the last one is located just outside the house on the Northern side, inside a dog kennel.

Moving further down we come to House Number 7, which is the second house in Pleasant Park that has a basement. To get access to this one, you need to use the entrance located outside. It’s facing North. That is where the first chest can be found.

There is a chance for a second chest to spawn in the roof too, if you can get to it.

The final house, Number 8 has a different design to the other houses. I usually refer to it as the ‘Modern house’ to my team mates.

Loot isn’t very good here, with there only being the chance of 1 chest spawning below the house in the garage.

That is all the chests covered for Fortnite Battle Royale that are in Pleasant Park houses. There are 2 final chests located within pleasant park, seen on the map above labelled as Numbers 9 and 10.

At Number 9, a chest can be found directly in the centre of the football pitch most of the time. If you’re brave enough, you can land here and run straight to house Number 1.

The second chest, at Number 10 is found in the picnic area. Again, it’s quite risky grabbing this one as you are out in the open.

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