Fortnite Battle Royale: All ice cream truck locations


Ice Cream Truck locations in Fortnite BR

For the Week 4 Battle Pass challenges in Fortnite: Battle Royale, one challenge requires you to ‘Visit different ice cream trucks’. The challenge requires you to search a total of 5 trucks, for a reward of 5 Battle Points.

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It makes sense that the Ice Cream Trucks would make an appearance in this weeks challenge. People had begun to notice that the amount of HP they have had been increased to 100,000 health points.

It seems this was done so that they are pretty hard to destroy, therefor making it easy for all players to complete the challenge.

Week 4 Battle Pass Challenge for Ice Cream Trucks

You only need to find 5 ice cream trucks, so you can find 5 locations below. You don’t need to land on them or dance on them, simply visit them. I suggest you just walk around them. It’s entirely possible you could do all 5 in one game, but unlikely.

  1. One truck can be located in Tomato Town, on the North side of the large restaurant with the tomato on top.
  2. Another ice cream truck can be found in Greasy Grove. It is located in the most South West corner.
  3. Retail Park also holds an Ice Cream truck. Situated near the South East area.
  4. Another one can be located in the North West corner of Pleasant Park. It is near the Gas Station.
  5. This is a tricky one, but another one can be found in Tilted Towers. It’s pretty much splat bang in the centre. Expect a lot of fights to go down here!
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