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When playing Fortnite’s latest game mode Battle Royale, you will find a lot of different weapons from chests or other players. When looking at these items on the ground or in your inventory, they will usually consist of different colors. From grey, green, blue, purple and orange.

Below, you can see a table with the colour of the item received on the left, with how rare it is on the right. It’s a similar system to Blizzard’s World of Warcraft, or the Borderlands series.

Weapon Rarity Types

ColourWeapon Rarity

Obviously a grey item with common rarity is one of the least sought after, whilst orange weapons are the most powerful. The difference between each tier of item is going to be its DPS (Damage per second) most of the time. However they can also have other attributes increased such as reload time & accuracy.

Not all weapons have a version of each rarity in Fortnite Battle Royale. For example, the M16 is only available as Common, Uncommon and Rare. Whilst the SCAR can only be found as an Epic or Legendary item. The difference between the lowest quality M16 (common) and the highest quality (rare) is almost an extra 20 damage per second. There is also a .2 second decrease in reload times.

Fortnite Battle Royale Weapon Rarity
Items in my Battle Royale inventory of different rarity

Some of the best Weapons in Fortnite Battle Royale right now

Rocket/Grenade Launcher: Whilst a Rocket or Grenade launcher might not help you do a lot of damage in Battle Royale, it’s great for taking down other players structures. If they are hiding inside of a building or in progress of creating one, it’s easy to quickly take it down and kill them. A good tip is a structure has to be supported, if you destroy the bottom piece of a structure, the entire thing will fall.

SCAR: The SCAR is one of the more powerful weapons in Battle Royale. It’s available as both an Epic or Legendary item as we spoke about above. So if you find a gold one, you have one of the best weapons in the game.

Pump Shotgun: If you have good aim, definitely use the pump shotgun when you find it. It’s very powerful, and is even possible to practically one shot another player. If your aim isn’t great though, stick with the semi auto. It’s usually dotted around all over the place, especially in rare form.

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