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All Chest locations in Fortnite BR Retail Row

Retail Row is a town consisting of a few houses, shops and restaurants. It can be found near Dusty Depot and Lonely Lodge, towards the Eastern side of the map in Fortnite Battle Royale.

Like other towns, Retail Row will usually have quite a few people dropping at it. Therefor, expect to get into some fights and competition for chests. You can find 18 chests inside and around Retail Row.

In this post, we’re going to show you each chest location in Retail Row, helping to maximise the amount of loot and rewards you can find!

The map below shows chest locations, indicated with a yellow circle. Where as numbers represent general areas, so that we can go into more detail on the location of each chest further down in this post.

It’s important to note that not all chests have a guaranteed chance of spawning. Whilst the locations are always the same, the chance of them spawning isn’t. 

fortnite battle royale chest locations retail row map

Retail Row Chests

1st Area

The first area contains three houses, wrapped around the Number 1 on the map above. This area can have up to six chests total, two in each building.

In the Eastern and Western house, the two chests can be found in roof pieces. One chest in each section, so check the attics and above garages.

Whilst in the Southern building, one chest can again be found in the attic. However the second chest here is in the basement, buried in mud.

2nd Area

Heading to the second area, marked with a Number 2, we have another five chests. This area has another two houses.

Inside the first house (towards the west), we can find two chests. The first one can be found in the attic like most other buildings, while the other one is one floor down, in the South West corner.

Going to the second house, we have another three chests. Two of them can be found inside roof sections, whilst the third is inside the dog kennel just outside the house if it spawns.

3rd Area

The third area is the retail section, where shops and restaurants are. Within this area, there are 6 chests to be found.

Starting with the most Northern building, there is two chests. One is inside, in the biggest building in the North East corner quite high up. Whilst the second out is just outside inside the back of a truck.

In the row of shops towards the East, you can find another potential three chests. One can be found in the North West corner, whilst the other two can be found in the smaller building at the South East part of Retail Row. They are on separate floors.

One more chest is located in this area, on top of the water tower. It might be quite difficult to get too as its high up. Either land here, or build up to it.

Other Notes

On the map, one more chest is indicated just north of Retail Row. It can be found in the back of a truck.

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