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All Chest locations in Fortnite BR Salty Springs

Salty Springs is a small town located just slightly on the Southern part of the map. The town sits below Dusty Depot and above Fatal Fields.

Salty Springs is a common place for people to drop at. If you do decide to land here, you will probably end up bumping into other players.

In this post, we’re going to show you each chest location in Salty Springs, helping to maximise the amount of loot and rewards you can find!

The map below shows chest locations, indicated with a yellow circle. Where as numbers represent general areas, so that we can go into more detail on the location of each chest further down in this post.

It’s important to note that not all chests have a guaranteed chance of spawning. Whilst the locations are always the same, the chance of them spawning isn’t. 

Salty Springs Chests

1st Area

The first area, marked with a Number 1 on the map above consists of two chests. These two chests can be found in two separate houses, one chest in each.

To find these chests, all you have to do is search the attic in both houses, as that’s where they are. Build straight up to the roof and bash your way through if you have just landed.

2nd Area

At Number 2 on the map, we have another three chests. Salty Springs is a very small and compact area, so getting all of these chests should be a breeze.

The first two chests can be found in the house towards the West. Both of them are in the roof sections. One in the attic, and one on a lower level.

3rd Area

Finally, Number 3 on the map has five chests in two different locations. These chests are in two different houses, one holding three chests and the other two.

The first house, located to the West have three chests. Start by searching both roof sections, as there is a chance of a chest spawning in each. Whilst the final chest can be found in the basement.

For the second house, two chests can be found again in both roof sections. One in each.

Other Notes

The map above has three more chest locations that aren’t inside Salty Springs, but around it in Fortnite Battle Royale. If you want to go for them, feel free but they are slightly out the way.

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