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In this short guide, we’re going to show you how you can enable your FPS Counter in Fortnite Battle Royale. FPS stands for frames per second, and it is an important indicator essentially for how well your device can run the game.

Whilst this guide is designed for PC, it most likely works the same for Xbox One & PS4. Not too long ago, Epic Games released a new update which gives the option for players to play Fortnite in 60 FPS, something only previously possible for PC players.

When the update released, Epic Games stated: “This 60 FPS mode is tuned for each console to maximize frame rate while minimizing loss of visual quality”.

fortnite wallpaper
A screen cap from Epic Games Fortnite

There are many methods for showing your FPS on PC, with programs such as Fraps allowing you to do this (whilst also recording game play). You can also use Nvidia Shadowplay, which will automatically record all of your kills, deaths and downs in the game.

Below, we have some quick instructions for enabling the FPS counter inside of Fortnite. Whilst further down, there are some more details instructions which have images.

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Quick guide for turning on the FPS Counter

Follow these instructions from inside the Fortnite Battle Royale client. These steps were done on the PC version of the game:

  1. From inside of Fortnite, head to the settings area. Do this by clicking the cog icon in the top right corner of the screen, located under the menu button.
  2. At the top of the screen, make sure that you’re in the ‘Video’ tab, it’s the first screen that should be open.
  3. Near the bottom of the menu, one of the options will be “Show FPS”. Ensure that this option is enabled.
  4. When you head back into Fortnite, you can check your FPS in both the lobby and in-game. When playing, it can be seen just slightly to the left of the minimap.

Enabling the built-in FPS Counter

The first method that you can use is to use the built-in FPS Counter, provided inside the settings menu. It

Fortnite Battle Royale how to see your FPS open the settings menu
Open the Settings menu

To start, open the menu by selecting the 3 lines in the top right of the screen. From there, choose the cog icon which is the top most icon on the right side.

This will bring you to Fortnites settings area, where you can change many things in the game such as controls, voice chat and graphics. You may want to spend a bit of time going through these menus and configuring your game for how you want it.

Although now, we just want to turn on the FPS counter for this guide. Ensure that you are on the ‘Video’ tab. At the very bottom, turn on ‘Show FPS’.

These menus might have changed since the settings area has received an update. It’s the first screen that you usually show up on when opening the settings menu, with a monitor icon.

Make sure to hit Apply in the bottom right of the screen to save your changes! You might also want to enable VSync where applicable to reduce tearing, although this will cap your FPS at 60. Personally, I can’t play without VSync enabled.

in fortnite battle royale, turn on the show fps option
Choose the Show FPS option under the Video tab

Once you’ve applied the changes, the FPS counter will be visible in both the lobby and in-game. In the lobby, the counter is sitting to the right in neon green.

fortnite fps counter map
FPS Counter to the left of the minimap

Whilst in-game, it can be found to the left of the minimap in a bold white font, check the image below.

Potential fixes for lag & low FPS

If you’re suffering from Low FPS in Fortnite and are lagging, I recommend turning down some of the graphics settings. You should start by running the game in full screen mode to make sure it’s getting the most amount of resources.

lowest graphics settings fortnite
The lowest possible settings for Fortnite

Next, you can change some of the preset options. The lowest possible settings look like the image above. If you are still struggling to run the game on these settings, it’s likely that your PC/Laptop isn’t strong enough to run the game and you may need to upgrade. Otherwise, consider moving over to Xbox or PS4 where the game is more optimized.

There is a small possibility that you could have some resources and tasks running in the background which might be hogging resources. Try closing any unwanted programs, especially ones that are streaming video. Also check to see if any virus scans are taking place, as this may cause lag.

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