Fortnite Battle Royale: Wailing Woods Chest Locations


Chest Locations in Fortnite Battle Royale Wailing Woods

In the second week of challenges for Fortnite’s Battle Royale, one challenge sets players to the task of looting 7 chests inside of Wailing Woods.

Usually, there are only 3 chests anyway in the entire of Wailing Woods, and they’re all situated in and around the maze. It’s unknown right now whether any additional chests have been added to the area for the Battle Pass.

Even though there is 3 possible chest locations currently, it’s possible that all 3 could spawn at once, or none at all. Therefor it might take you a few games to actually complete this challenge.

First off, shout out to, who provide a map of the entire Battle Royale island along with all of their chest locations and images to help. This is who we have used to get the locations of chests, all credit to them!

As Wailing Woods is actually a maze, you’d be best traversing it by going over the top. Do this by jumping from shrub to shrub. This will help you cover the entire area faster, keep an eye on any other players in the area and spot any ground loot.

fortnite battle royale wailing woods chest locations map battle pass challenge

Chest Location 1:

Longitude: 1671, Latitude: 1435 

The first chest can be found inside of the maze in the bottom left corner on the map above. You will find it surrounded by shrubs.

Chest Location 2:

Longitude: 1683, Latitude: 1444 

The second chest in Wailing Woods in Fortnite Battle Royale can be found in the tower in the centre of the maze in the upstairs area. Keep an eye out for any traps that may have been placed by other players as you enter.

Chest Location 3:

Longitude: 1701, Latitude: 1458 

Finally, the third chest can be found in the opposite corner to the first chest. It is sitting near the trunk of one of the trees. You may have to destroy the tree to access it.

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