Fortnite: How to find Lars Van in Ride the Lightning


Lars Van in Fortnite

One type of mission that you will be doing quite often in Fortnite is ‘Ride the Lightning’. In this mission, you have to locate Lars Van, build defences and protect him whilst he prepares to launch.

The mission isn’t too difficult itself, as it takes part over 2 waves so you have time to repair and broken structures, replenish ammunition and place down more traps. Arguably, the hardest part of this mission is actually finding Lars Van.

The Van can spawn anywhere in the world, and there’s not really anything to go off. Most times, there is also a speed run bonus objective, so finding Lars Van fast is important.

In this guide, we’ll give you some tips and a guide for actually finding the Van.

How to find the Van for Ride the Lightning

Whilst there is no secret method for finding Lars Van, there are some tips and tricks which work every time.

Lars Van will play music, and it’s actually quite loud. If you can hear the music playing, then your relatively close to the van. If you are using a surround sound setup with speakers/headset, then locating the van should be really easy.

Build up to a high location using a cheap material such as wood. High enough that you can see all of, it not most of the landscape. Start looking around for Lars Van. It will be hard to spot at a distance.

However it has some defining features such as the Radar Dish and other objects spewed around it. If you’re struggling to build the van, keep using floor pieces to build around the map until you spot it. This will also prevent you from running into any husks. Use a scope to also zoom in on locations, acting as binoculars.

How to find Lars Van ride the lightning fortnite
Look around from a high point to locate Lars Van

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