Fortnite: How to get Blast Powder


Blast Powder in Fortnite

Blast Powder in Fortnite is one of the most important materials, and has many uses. However, it’s often used to create weapons of all tiers. Higher tier weapons will often require a lot of Blast Powder, weapons of my own usually cost around 30 Blast Powder to craft.

There are 2 methods to collecting Blast Powder in Fortnite, the first one is finding it, and the second is actually crafting it. Firstly, finding Blast Powder is something you will most likely do whilst passively playing. You have a small chance of finding it when you open chests or tool boxes.

The second method is crafting Blast Powder, which you can learn more about below.

How to craft Blast Powder in Fortnite

You can craft Blast Powder from your inventory whilst in a mission.┬áIt can be crafted in sets of 5, and requires 1 piece of coal and 4 rough stone. These materials aren’t too hard to find. Rough stone can be found by destroying rocks in general found within the world.

Coal however, is more often found in mines, mountain areas and fireplaces. For fireplaces, you can check houses in the suburbs. Destroy the fire places with your pic-axe to get the coal.

The easiest way to find coal however is looking in mines. These are underground areas, which are more commonly found in ‘Forest’ areas. Look around until you find a huge area going down, usually consisting of ramps. In here, you can find different looking rocks.

Once you have the required materials, you can craft Blast Powder from your inventory in Fortnite. Head over to the materials tab, select ‘Blast Powder’ on the left hand side and choose Craft. Although you don’t have to craft it in your inventory, as long as you have the required materials, you can go ahead and craft the weapon. The game will craft Blast Powder automatically.

Fortnite how to get blast powder
Craft Blast Powder in your inventory

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