Fortnite: How to complete an enhanced difficulty mission

enhanced difficulty mission in fortnite
A pylon, which will increase the difficulty of a mission

One of the main story missions in Fortnites Save The World will require you to complete 2 enhanced difficulty missions. These can be a bit confusing at first, as you aren’t told what counts as enhanced difficulty.

Thankfully, we’re going to show you. Enhanced difficulty only works with certain missions, ones which consist of defence objectives. These include Defend the Atlas, Ride the Lightning and Retrieve the data.

Once you have found the objective, near by will be a pylon. It looks like the image above, although on your minimap, it will be an icon of a skull on an up arrow. To activate the pylon, you will need BluGlo, which can be found around the map.

To complete the enhanced difficulty mission, you only need to add 1 BluGlo, which will increase the difficulty just once. Where as you can actually increase it to around 5 times, making the mission much harder.

Your team will need to vote on whether they want to increase the difficulty too. If they say no, then you are out of luck. You’re best either leaving the mission, or talking to your team mates and letting them know.

By completing enhanced difficulty missions, you receive better rewards including mini llamas, experience, people and event gold.

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