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Collecting Stone in Fortnite

Previously, we looked at collecting Wood in Fortnite. In this guide, we will look at how to find stone in both Fortnite PvE (Save the world) and Fortnites Battle Royale mode.

Stone doesn’t have as many uses as wood, as it’s primarily used to build structures such as walls, floors and stairs. Later on, it can be upgraded to make it stronger and also give it a few appearance.

Farming Stone in Fortnite PvE

Stone is the second tier material in Fortnite, and is primarily used for building brick walls and floor. Stone is mostly collected from Rocks found in pretty much all areas. However it can also be farmed by destroying most brick structures such as houses.

As I previously stated, stone can be pretty much harvested from all different types of areas, including Forests, Suburbs and Cities. However, the best place to farm stone would have to be inside of Forests. You will find large amounts or rocks dotting the entire landscape, as well as mines where you can find more stone, metal ore and some loot containers.

If you find yourself in the other areas, you will often find a lot of rocks on the outskirts, along with trees for wood. Knocking down the walls of buildings will also provide you with stone.

How to find Stone in Fortnite Battle Royale
Forest areas will contain the most amounts of Stone

Farming Stone in Fortnite Battle Royale

To farm stone in Fortnites Battle Royale, the steps are relatively similar to PvE. All you have to do is use your pic-axe on any rocks you come across.

There are no specific areas for mining rocks, as you will find them dotted around the world in most cases. It can also be beneficial to mine the walls any of buildings you find. Demolishing parts of stone buildings will give you some of the materials it’s made of back.

Finally, attacking other players and claiming the loot they drop will also give you all of the wood, stone and metal they where carrying.

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