Fortnite: How to get Duct Tape


Duct Tape in Fortnite

Fortnite is another material similar to Blast Powder. However compared to blast powder, it’s main use would be creating traps. Unfortunately, Duct Tape is quite hard to come by and you will most likely constantly find yourself running out of it.

Duct Tape can be obtained in 2 different ways. Firstly, by finding it whilst out exploring, and secondly by crafting it. Finding Duct Tape can take quite a while, with the most common locations being inside tool boxes and chests. Therefor, to increase your chances of finding Duct Tape in Fortnite, head to an industrial area. Here you will find more tool boxes than other areas, and chests can be found on the roof of most buildings.

Duct Tape can be crafted too, using two different materials.

How to craft Duct Tape in Fortnite

Duct Tape can be crafted from your inventory whilst inside a mission, not from the home screen. Creating a single piece of Duct Tape will cost 3 Fibrous Herbs and 1 adhesive resin.

Fibrous Herbs, which you require 3 of are the easiest to find out of the 2 different required materials. Fibrous Herbs in Fortnite are found from bushes and plants which you can search in the world. Bushes can be found in all the different zones, usually on the outskirts.

The second material is adhesive resin. This is a bit harder to find, and more of a rare drop. Just like the Fibrous Herbs, Adhesive Resin can be found from searching bushes. It can also be found from chopping down tree’s. I personally have more luck with chopping trees than searching bushes.

When your ready, you can craft duct tape from your inventory by heading over to the ingredients section. You can also just craft an item that required duct tape, and it will automatically craft it for you.

Fortnite how to craft duct tape


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