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Storm Shield Storage in Fortnite

The concept of Storm Shield Storage in Fortnite can be a difficult concept to understand. At first, you aren’t told what, or where it actually is. When progressing through missions, you will be able to invest points in to your skill tree, with some options providing an increase to the amount of items you can store in your Storm Shield.

Storm Shield storage in Fortnite is completely different to vault storage, and you usually can’t store much inside. You will begin with 0 slots, and increase the storage by 5 slots each time you put points into the relevant sections of the skill tree.

I tend to store resources in the Storm Shield which I don’t need as often. They take up a lot of inventory space and can prevent you from making large amounts of traps or weapons.

How to access your Storm Shield Storage in Fortnite

fortnite how to access storm shield storage head to home base

Start by heading to your Home base, known as the storm shield on your map. You should know where to find it by now, but if not it’s usually situated in the top right corner and has your banner flag on it.

fortnite how to access storm shield storage open the storage tab and deposit items

Head to the actual Storm Shield inside your base, which is the large pyramid like structure and use the terminals to interact with it. In here, you can expand your storm shield and choose your defenders. However, we want to access the storage. Use the tabs at the top to move over to the ‘Storage’ tab. You can then deposit items into the storm shield, where they will be safe and can be collected later on. Items will also transfer between other storm shields in different areas such as Plankertown.

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