Fortnite: How to unlock the Hoverboard

Fortnite Hoverboard how to unlock
The Hoverboard in action in Fortnite PvE

The Hoverboard is by far one of the greatest and most fun additions to Fortnite Save The World. Along with it came some boost track pieces, which allow you to increase the speed of your Board when driving on them. A lot have players have even converted their Stormshield into full fledged race tracks!

At the time, stamina was a massive problem for players, and the Hoverboard was introduced to combat that, as it essentially lets you traverse the map without getting tired. Although since then, Epic have scrapped the mechanic where sprinting uses your stamina.

The Hoverboard is still immensely fun, allowing you to explore the map quickly and travel around. Whether it would make a great addition to the Battle Royale mode, I’m not sure. Reading all this makes it sound great, but if you’re here, it’s likely you don’t own one yet.

How to unlock the Hoverboard

Firstly, to actually get the Hoverboard, you need to have completed Stonewood Stormshield Defence 5. As soon as you have done that, you will receive a mission telling you to find Hoverboard parts. To put it into perspective, you will likely be around Player Level 15 or so when you complete the Storm Shield Defence.

fortnite hoverboard quest
The quest that will give you the Hoverboard

The actual mission is called ‘Want to build a Hoverboard?’ funnily enough. You will need 10 Hoverboard parts, which can be found by destroying Hot Rods. Whilst they can be found in most zones, you will find the majority in City zones.

Don’t worry about finding which car is a hot rod. They will have an orange glow around them and even an exclamation point on your minimap to guide you. It may take more than one mission to get all 10 pieces. Once completed, you will receive both the Hoverboard and boost pad!


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