Fortnite: How & Where to find Quartz


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Quartz is another major material in Fortnite Save The World. However it isn’t sought after as much as Fibrous Herbs or Silver Ore. Quartz is required for certain types of traps, such as freeze traps as well as various high level weapons.

Even though you might not find much use for it, you should keep hold of it. It may come in handy one day, and other players may request some in Global Chat if you’re feeling generous.

Just like most other minerals, Quartz can most commonly be found in caves. It is found in chunks on walls and in floors, like the image above. It is a grey rock with silver shards sticking out. To get the actual quartz, you need to fully destroy the rock.

If you’re looking to mine quarts, head to an area such as Forests, as they usually have more caves. Also do it in a private session, so you can spend time looking around the entire map without wasting your teams time. You can do this by changing the privacy settings to ‘Private’. You can leave the mission at any time without completing the objective, as you get to keep your inventory. Any quest/mission progress will be lost however.

There are a few other ways in which you might receive coal, although the chances are slimmer. Mission and quest rewards can give Quartz, as well as chests. Try rescuing survivors, completing radar grids and destroying encampments. If you’re ever carrying too much quartz, store some in your Stormshield storage!

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