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Storm Shield Defense 7 in Fortnite

As you progress through the main campaign in Fortnite, the game will have you complete Storm Shield Defense missions 1-6 through the main quest line. However, after completing ‘Launch the Rocket’, your story line now takes place in Plankerton.

In Plankerton, you will have to complete Storm Shield defense missions again from Level 1, but in a new area. Whilst back in Stonewood, the Storm Shield Defense missions go all the way to 10, but don’t count towards the main quest line.

Storm Shield Defense 7, 8, 9 and 10 count as Side Quests from now on in Fortnite. You will still receive rewards for completing them. Obviously, it’s ideal to do these Storm Shield Defense missions as they still offer high amounts of experience and V-Bucks.

How to start Storm Shield Defense 7

To get on with Storm Shield 7, make sure your in Stonewood, which you can select on your map. By default, you might be seeing the Plankerton area, so head backwards to the main map.

When in Stonewood, head into your Homebase Storm Shield, which is located in the top right of the map as you know. You can see that there are still 4 more levels of the shield available for completion, as seen on the image below.

how to start storm shield defense 7 fortnite head to home base in stonewood
Enter your home base

Just like previous Storm Shield Defences, they’re pretty difficult, with each new one being harder than the last. Make sure to buff up all of your defences, adding new traps and upgrading any walls. Once ready, you can begin.

Interact with the actual Storm Shield by using the terminals. On the ‘Shield’ screen, select Expand Shield. This will allow you to begin Storm Shield Defense 7.

how to start storm shield defense 7 fortnite click expand shield
Press Expand Shield to start Storm Shield 7

If necessary, you can check ‘Send request for help for the next defense’. However you will have more luck asking for help in Global chat.

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