Fortnite: How to unlock Skill Tree Tier 2


When you start playing Fortnite, you are given a Skill Tree where you can invest points where ever you wish. We start with Skill Tree: Tier 1, and it goes all the way up to Skill Tree Tier 4.

how to unlock skill tree tier 2 in fortnite different trees
A look at the skill trees in Fortnite

However, the second tier skill tree is locked, and you can’t place any points inside it. That’s because there are certain requirements that need to be met to unlock Skill Tree: Tier 2.

Firstly, the ‘Van or Astro-Van’ mission must be completed, which is where you complete your first Launch the Rocket mission. I’d suggest you do this mission with a group of others, as it’s quite difficult.

After completing Van or Astro-van, you will unlock the new area Plankerton, and will need to do Storm Shield Defense Mission 7 as a side quest.

Once you have completed this mission, you will be able to go into the Skill Tree: Tier 1 and select the far right node. It should be free to select, and it will allow you to unlock the second tier skill tree. Head back a page, and begin choosing your skills.

how to unlock skill tree tier 2 in fortnite select the far right node in skill tree 1
Required node to unlock Skill Tree 2

In the Tier 2 Skill Tree in Fortnite, each node costs 2 skill points instead of 1. However, you will start receiving 2 skill points per level. This is so you can finish purchasing any leftover nodes in skill tree 1 quicker.

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