Fortnite: Where & How to find Encampments


A few main quests in Fortnite Save the World mode will consist of completing encampment missions. Or destroying a certain amount of encampments. If you’re relatively new to Fortnite, you might not know how to find them.

Firstly, an encampment is a structure that will have a few husks near it. As you get closer, the encampment will become active, and a large amount of husks will spawn, usually in multiple waves. After clearing all of the husks, the encampment will become destroyed and you will receive a reward.

How to find Encampments in Fortnite

The easiest way to come across multiple encampments at once would be to find a “Destroy the encampments” mission. You will find multiple encampment structures, usually around 10 in the zone.

If there are none of these missions available, you can head to pretty much any other zone as they are likely to have at least two encampments in the entire area. They look like the image above.

Players in your party may have found an encampment themselves. If so, a message will pop up at the top of the screen so keep your eyes peeled.

Destroy the encampment mission fortnite save the world
A ‘Destroy the Encampment’ mission on the map in Fortnite

There really isn’t any strategy for dealing with them, as husks spawn in large amounts in your area. Have your abilities ready, especially ones that do area damage.

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