Fortnite: Where & How to find Fibrous Herbs


Fibrous Herbs are one of the most sought after materials in Fortnites PvE, and often used as a currency. Most players who want to trade will usually request or offer herbs as currency, due to how valuable they are.

High level traps, mostly legendary ones require Fibrous Herbs to craft, usually around 7 per trap. Herbs can’t be crafted either, or won from missions/quests. If you want them, you have to put in the time to farm them yourself.

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Main method for getting Fibrous Herbs

The most profitable and easiest way to collect herbs is from bushes and plants. Just walk up to them and search them, they have a pretty high chance of giving herbs back. Not all plants are searchable, and not all will give you herbs, but most will.

You could start at your Stormshield, go right round and search every plant, even mushrooms. This will give you a good start, and also allow you to clean up your base.

Next, drop into forest zones. Obviously these are going to have the most plants out of any area, as they in complete abundance. If you do go this route, do it in a private lobby, which you can control from the settings.

Looting an entire forest zone is going to take a long time, and you don’t want to waste your teams time by not taking part in the objective. Go into the lowest possible level area if you want to, you will get the same amount of herbs as the highest too.

Once you have looted a lot, you can just leave the mission without doing the objective, you will get to keep your inventory. However you will lose any quest progress you made in this zone.

Other methods for obtaining herbs in Fortnite

Sending off heroes on expeditions can also grant you herbs. Go for the ones with the red toolbox, as they offer a pretty good chance of returning herbs. Although this isn’t as fast as searching them yourself.

Other locations you can search include anything that might contain organic materials. Such as food shelves, vending machines and refrigerators. So search everything you come across!

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