Fortnite: Where & How to find Malachite


Malachite is a very important material, mostly used for crafting high level weapons that have been evolved to Tier 3. Hopefully you didn’t make the same mistake I did, which is evolving weapons to the third tier without having a Player Level of 40 or so! If you have done this, you’ve probably noticed your severely lacking on your stores of Malachite.

Unfortunately for me, evolving my best weapon meant I could no longer craft it due to not having any malachite ore available. If you’re a lower player level and not in Canny Valley yet, it’s not easy farming malachite, but it’s definitely doable.

I wouldn’t recommend evolving your weapons to Tier 3 unless you have left the Plankerton Area in Fortnite Save the World. You will be stuck with the schematic and unable to craft it.

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Locations for finding Malachite in Fortnite

Your chances of finding Malachite in Stonewood currently sit at 0%. It needs to be farmed in Plankerton at least, you’ll find much more in Canny Valley.

If you are in Plankerton, you are best looking in areas that have power level 34+ as recommendations. Maybe even 40 for better odds. You may have to do timed missions in order to find missions this high level.

I’d advise you to go into it solo, by settings your privacy settings to private in the settings menu. Mainly due to the fact that you wont need to do the actual objective and you don’t want to leave your team hanging around.

The easiest way to farm Malachite is to mine it, similar to coal. It has a chance of spawning inside caves on the walls. Caves can be found in all zones, usually on the outer edge of the map. Look for Malachite, it’s green like Emerald, on the image above.

Once you have mined malachite, you can just leave the mission. Leaving without doing objectives still allows you to keep your inventory.

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