How many VBucks can you earn in Fortnite Save The World?


GamingFortniteHow many VBucks can you earn in Fortnite Save The World?

One question I always see people asking in online forums is how many VBucks can be earned from playing Fortnite’s PvE mode (Save the World). There is no true answer, as it entirely depends on how much choose you play.

There are other factors which can contribute to VBuck earnings, such as the time of year. For example, right now, we have just had Valentines Day, St Patricks Day, Chinese New Year and Easter. Epic Games do really well when it comes to holidays, offering unique quest lines. Completing this entire series of quests right now offers 800 VBucks total, but these aren’t going to be around for much longer.

If you want a quick answer, the bare minimum of VBucks you can earn from Fortnite’s Save The World would probably be around 500 a week. I’m going to go into much more depth below, but that’s a quick answer.

Any VBucks that you do earn in Save The World can be spent in Battle Royale mode on any items from the Item Shop, or on the Battle Pass. If you wish, you can also spend them on loot boxes in PvE, which typically cost 100 VBucks each.

I play both Fortnite Save The World and Battle Royale. However, I’m a massive fan of PvE and spend much more of my time there.

Login Rewards & VBucks

Just logging in each day can offer VBuck rewards. You will receive your first rewards on Day 11, sitting at 50 VBucks. This is the lowest amount, with the next one on Day 28 offering 300 VBucks.

Earn VBucks with daily login rewards in Save The World
A preview of Daily Rewards in PvE

You can usually expect 150 VBucks every 7 days after reaching Day 70. Although some days offer a lot more. Day 112 and 224 offer 800 VBucks, where as Day 336 offers 1000.

You don’t have to login each day consecutively. If you logged in on Day 3, didn’t login again for a week, you’d then be on Day 4. The screenshot above shows that I earned 300 VBucks today on Day 84, and I’m due to earn 150 on Day 91.

Completing Daily Quests

Each day, you are given one daily quest in Fortnite Save The World. You can have a total of 3 at any time, before you won’t receive anymore until you have space. Each daily quest offers 50 VBucks and 100 Daily tokens, which are spent in the PvE Event Store.

Daily Quests provide 50 VBucks per quest, which can be spent in battle royale
Example of a daily quest, with 50 VBucks as a reward

Therefor, for completing daily quests alone, you can expect 350 VBucks a week as long as you stay on top of them. You won’t unlock these straight away as a new player, you have to unlock it in the skill tree. Although you can get unlock them on your first day playing.

From completing daily quests: 350 VBucks a week

Storm Shield Defences

In Save the World, you have a permanent base, known as a storm shield. You will have 4 of these total, one for each area. One in Stonewood, Plankerton, Canny Valley and Twine Peaks.

You will need to defend each storm shield 10 times in order to progress through the main story, and reclaim land from the storm. Every time you complete a storm shield defence, you are rewarded with 100 VBucks.

Storm Shield Defense missions in PvE give 100 vbucks
Storm Shield Defences offer 100 VBucks per completion

As you progress further along, doing Storm Shield defences may become slower, as they are harder and further through the story. Although after completing Stonewood Storm Shield Defence 6, you can do the other 4 whenever you want.

From completing Storm Shield Defences: Up to 4000 VBucks total over time

Collection book

Inside of Save The World, there is something called a ‘Collection book’. Here, you can slot items such as traps, weapons, survivors, defenders etc. Once they have been slotted, you can never have that exact item back. It’s slightly confusing for newer players.

Once an item has been slotted in the collection book, you will gain experience and begin to level up the collection book. Getting the collection book to Level 6 which is relatively easy will get you 500 VBucks. Whilst hitting level 26 and 91 will also offer an additional 500 VBucks each time.

collection book offers large amounts of vbucks at level 6 and 26
A 500 VBuck reward to be received at Level 26

500 VBucks is tempting, but I suggest you don’t just start getting rid of every schematic, hero and survivor you own. You will likely regret it in the long run.

From levelling up the collection book: 1500 VBucks total

Side Quests & Challenges

Alongside daily quests, you can also receive challenges. These are usually ‘Complete X missions’, ‘Find X amount of data’ etc, and usually offer between 30 and 100 VBucks at a time.

Side Quests and challenges offer between 30 and 100 VBucks
One mission is to destroy 4 Mimics to earn 30 VBucks

Challenges can be repeated many times, although they do have a cap. They are easy to complete along the main quest line or whilst doing daily challenges. Your challenges will eventually reach their limit, and you won’t receive them anymore.

From completing challenges: Around 200-500 VBucks a week


Currently, PvE costs £35 in the UK, where as for that price, you could buy almost 4800 VBucks. It’s pretty easy to get that amount back by playing Save The World. Plus you’ll own another game and have a constant supply of free VBucks. You can probably expect to get around 1000 VBucks a week with Save The World if you stick to it, 500 for the bare minimum.

It’s important to take part in the missions though. Don’t be the type of player that sits AFK in lobbies, sitting on the back of everyone else doing the hard work. You will be punished by Epic Games!

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