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Playing Solo or as a team in Fortnite

This article refers to the PvE Campaign, not Battle Royale. Whilst Epic Games highly encourage you to play Fortnite with other players, it is possible to play solo. Unfortunately, it becomes more difficult at higher levels, and missions such as ‘Launch the Rocket’ may be too difficult for a solo player due to the vast amount of materials needed. One of the most requested features is for enemy difficulty to be scaled down for solo players. Hopefully we may see this in a future update.

If you do play in parties, you can usually expect to earn more experience and a higher tier chest upon completion of a mission.

Personally, I prefer to play solo as I like to take my time exploring the entire area and gathering as much resources as possible. However, when it does come to a difficult mission, I tend to open my lobby up to the public. If you’re looking for help with a Storm Shield defence mission, you’d be best asking inside of the global chat. There are always players willing to help.

If you do wish to start playing missions as a solo player, follow the steps below. So far, I’ve completed all of Stonewood solo, other than the Launch the Rocket.

How to play Fortnite Solo

To play Fortnite as a solo player, open the menu in the top right of the screen on PC. I don’t have access to Fortnite on a console, however the steps are most likely similar. Look for the Privacy button and set it to ‘Private’. You can now go into a lobby/mission on your own without other players being added.

Fortnite how to play solo set your privacy to private in the menu

When completing a Storm Shield defence mission, there is an extra step to play solo. Interact with the storm shield, and either check or un-check the ‘Send request for help for the next defence’.

Fortnite how to play solo disable send for help in the storm shield

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