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How to build Doors & Windows in Fortnite Battle Royale

It might be confusing at first to new players how other people are constructing all sorts of different wall types in Fortnite Battle Royale. Recently, we covered a guide for all of the different wall designs, with a total of 16 different combinations.

There are 3 different building materials in Fortnite, Wood, Stone and Metal. Wood is the weakest and metal is the strongest.

If you are ever building a tower, you should always build the base out of the strongest material you have so that your structure will still have good support if you start being attacked.

I’m a PC Player myself, so forgive me if the following key bindings I talk about are incorrect. By default, creating a wall structure can be done by pressing F1 on a keyboard unless you’ve changed it in the control settings.

On PS4 & Xbox One, if you’re using the Combat Pro preset, you can enter Build Mode with B on Xbox, or O on PS4. Wall pieces can then be edited using G on PC, and B again on Xbox or O on PS4.

Once your happy with the design/placement use RT/R2 to confirm. Wall designs can be reset with Right Mouse Button and presumably holding B or O on console.

How to create a door in Fortnite Battle Royale

There are a few combinations of doors, however the default one is shown below. Edit your wall structure, and knock out the bottom centre and centre blocks as seen on the grid in the top left corner of the image.

Confirm the edit, and you wall with have a door in the centre. Most players are familiar with Minecraft, just think of the layout as a crafting table as it’s a 3×3 square

how to make doors in fortnite battle royale
Standard door

How to create a window in Fortnite Battle Royale

Creating a window in Fortnite Battle Royale is very simple. Start with your standard wall, or any other design, and just un-check the centre block.

how to make windows in fortnite battle royale
Standard window

Alternative designs for Walls and Windows

how to make doors and windows in fortnite battle royale
Door and Window in one piece of wall

The first combination is a door and window together in one piece of wall. Knock out the 2 vertical blocks on one side, and the centre block on the other side.

how to make doors and windows in fortnite battle royale
Single window off to the side

Secondly is a piece of wall with a window off to the side instead of in the centre. It’s the same design as making a normal window except you move the block 1 over to the left or right.

how to make doors and windows in fortnite battle royale
Double window in one piece of wall

Finally, a double window. Great for duo’s and if you want to constantly switch between positions!

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