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In the latest Fortnite Battle Royale update, Patch 3.5, Epic Games released the replay feature. I just tested it out in my first game, and I’m actually really impressed. The amount of detail that is shown in the replay, as well as all the settings you can change are amazing.

I’ve been using it to take some screenshots, and they look great. You can use the drone feature to fly around the map, follow you in third person, get some cinematic shots of you and more.

You can also change all the camera settings such as aperture, focusing and field of view. Making Fortnite wallpapers is going to be taken to a whole new level, and we can expect to see a lot of high quality montages/videos on YouTube.

I took some images myself, and compiled them into a mini wallpaper collection which you can see here.

Fortnite how to watch replays
An action shot from shooting someone at Loot Lake

How to watch your replays

As soon as you finish a game in Fortnite BR, the replay will become available automatically. You can find them under ‘Career’, then ‘Replays’. You can see the stats of the replay, including the date, game length, what position you finishes and how many eliminations you got. Recently, Epic made some more changes to the Replay system so that you can see your kills and deaths on the timeline.

access replays in fortnite
Replays can be accessed from the Career section

Right now, Epic recommend you don’t rename your replay as they are causing crashes. Once this is fixed, you can select a replay and choose ‘Rename and Save’. Otherwise you can choose to delete it or simply watch it by pressing ‘Play’.

Sharing Replays

PC Players will be able to share their replays easily, as they are only a few MB in size. It’s probable that the other person can just drop it in their own replay folder and watch it from there. This is now confirmed working.

Just drop your friends replay file into your own replay folder and you can watch it back. In the Replays section, choose “Open Replay Folder”. The default location is most likely C:\Users\YOU\AppData\Local\FortniteGame\Saved\Demos

Console players such as PS4 and Xbox One will have to record their clips in-game. Take a look at the controller settings to find out how to quickly move around and change the camera settings of a replay.

When your watching the replay, you can use H on PC to change the HUD settings. Or use the eye in the bottom left corner. Select the camera icon to change camera settings. You can only see others players who are within your proximity. Go into the ‘Camera type’ settings to enable other features such as Name plates, player outlines, replay region, damage effects and high quality FX.

watching replays fortnite
Watching a replay back

Unfortunately, replays currently go corrupt after patch changes. Meaning once a new update goes live, your replays will no longer play and are pretty much useless, you will need to delete them to stop the error message.

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