Free Fire: How to sign up without a Facebook account


How to play Free Fire without Facebook

When you first play one of the latest and more popular Battle Royale games ‘Free Fire’, it asks you to login with Facebook. However, I find most people don’t feel comfortable using their Facebook login. Unfortunately, apps like to push Facebook logins so they can get access to some of your data, and post to your timeline to promote their game.

When you do launch Free Fire for the first time, it’s possible to login with alternative methods than Facebook.

Free Fire skip facebook login create account
Click the button in the bottom right

When you first see the home screen as above in Free Fire, you can skip the Facebook login and press the button in the bottom right. This button will allow you to instead register with a simple username.

Free Fire skip facebook login create account
Choose a gender, character name and press Create

On the next screen that pops up, choose your gender and a name for your character in Free Fire. Click Create and you’ll be taken into the game and ready to play Battle Royale!

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