Frostpunk: Basic Controls & Key settings for PC


GamingFrostpunk: Basic Controls & Key settings for PC

There aren’t actually a lot of controls in Frostpunk, as most of them resolve around the camera. The default settings are very intuitive. Although you do have full control, and can change keys to whatever you want.

Below are the default controls that you have when first starting the game. Some may feel like they need a change. I personally have changed the Map to M for example.

ItemDefault Keys
Camera ForwardW – Up Arrow
Camera BackwardS – Down arrow
Pan LeftRareA – Left arrow/td>
Pan RightD – Right arrow
Rotate LeftQ – Delete /td>
Rotate RightE – End
Zoom InPage Up – Scroll wheel up
Zoom OutPage Down – Scroll wheel down
Toggle World MapHome
Camera CentreC
Increase Game Speed3
Decrease Game Speed2
Reset Game Speed1
Construction PanelB
Book Of LawsL
Technology TreeT
Economy PanelV
Temperature OverlayO
Tutorial SummaryH
Efficiency TrackersLeft ALT

How to change the controls in Frostpunk

You can change your control settings whether you are in the main menu or in game. Head to the settings menu (press ESC whilst in-game), and choose the Controls option. Each item can have two keys bound to it.

Select one of the options, and a ‘Press key’ text will appear. Press the key or button, whether on your mouse or keyboard to set your own custom keys. Make sure to hit Apply at the bottom. If at any point you want to revert back to the original settings, just hit ‘Restore defaults’.

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