Frostpunk: Best Expedition & Scouting Locations


GamingFrostpunk: Best Expedition & Scouting Locations

It’s possible to setup expedition teams in Frostpunk, who will go out and explore the frostland. Scout teams will discover new locations constantly, where you will find survivors, resources and new technologies.

Using the research tree, it’s possible to upgrade your scout teams in various ways. You can increase the number of teams, how fast they travel and set up outpost teams.

In this post, we’re going to show you some of the more important places to send expeditions too. You can read more Frostpunk guides on our site here.

Where to find Steam Cores

Steam Cores can’t be crafted in Frostpunk, and can only be found during expeditions. Below, I will list all of the locations that you can find Steam Cores with scout teams. I recommend that you take care of your scouts when they’re carrying cores. If they die, you will loose whatever they’re carrying.

  1. Snow Cliff: 1 Steam Core
  2. Weather Station: 1 Steam Core
  3. Study Shelter: 1 Steam Core
  4. American Camp: 1 Steam Core
  5. Temporary Settlement: 1 Steam Core
  6. Dreadnought Landing: 1 Steam Core
  7. Research Station: 2 Steam Cores

You should also note that you can dismantle any outposts you come across. There are 5 outposts total in Frostpunk, and you can only use 2. Dismantle any you don’t wish to use, and each one will give 2 Steam Cores.

frostpunk steam cores map
Locations as for where Scouts can find Steam Cores

Locations for Outposts

During A New Home Scenario, you can set up Outposts. A way for you to send teams out to set up outposts at locations, and return resources to you daily. Currently, you can set up outpost teams for Raw Food, Coal, Wood, Steel & Steam Cores.

You can upgrade the speed of Outpost teams by researching ‘Boosted Scout Sleds’, found under the ‘Exploration & Industry’ tab of the Research Tree. You can have two scout teams active at any time, and you must have researched the ‘Outpost Depot’ ability from the research tree.

Here are the locations of all resource depots currently in Frostpunk:

  1. Wood: Winterhome, gives 150 wood every day.
  2. Coal: Coal mine, gives 800 wood every day.
  3. Raw Food: Fishing Village, gives 100 raw food every day.
  4. Steam Cores: Tesla City, gives 1 steam core every day. (Risk of scouts dying).
  5. Steel: Icebound Dreadnought

Below is a map with the outposts circled for A New Home. Steam Cores are located at Tesla City, however you have to risk your scouts entering the city. There is a chance that they may die. This is the only way to get access to this outpost.

frostpunk outpost locations
Outpost locations on the map
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