Frostpunk: Best settings to make the game run faster


GamingFrostpunk: Best settings to make the game run faster

Frostpunk just came out! To ensure you’re all ready to play, we’re going to show you the best settings to reduce lag, stuttering and make the game run faster overall.

On release day, some players have been complaining about high RAM Usage, or errors such as the game crashing on startup. Developers have stated that they are working hard to get these bugs and errors fixed.

These settings may only work on PC, and not on the PS4 or Xbox One. Mainly because you can’t control the graphics settings on console, as the game comes pre-optimized for the hardware.

To start, head into the Settings menu, and choose the graphics option at the top of Frostpunk. Below, we will go through the options one by one and give our recommendations.

Full screen

It’s recommended to use the full screen compared to windowed or borderless. Having a game run in full screen will always give it more dedicated resources. In turn, providing a significant increase in the FPS (Frames per second). You can try pressing ALT + Enter to switch between full screen and windowed in-game.


This option is completely up to you. Enabling VSync will cap your frame rate at 60 FPS, in return for preventing screen tearing. This is an option you want to experiment with. It shouldn’t affect your FPS much. I personally can’t play without VSync, as the tearing quickly becomes very noticeable.


By default, this should be set to your monitors resolution. For most gamers out there, that would be 1920x1080P. Make sure this is set to the correct option for your own resolution. For more drastic measures, you can lower this down to 720P to get a bit of a boost. Your game quality may suffer a little bit by lowering it than you default res.


There are a few quality options available within the graphics settings area for Frostpunk. We have Shadow Quality, Texture Quality, Snow Quality and Particles Quality. If you need to, just set all these to low. Fiddle with these settings later on to find the perfect combination of receiving good frames and still having a good looking game.

Other settings

The rest of the settings can be turned off. Especially Global Illumination and Depth of Field. These may provide small boosts by switching them off, but not significant ones. Hit apply and try Frostpunk again to see if it runs faster. If not, you may need to shut down some services/apps that are running in the background.

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