Frostpunk: Dealing with People Protesting over New Manchester

dealing with the engineer protest over new manchester frostpunk

During your quest to save New Manchester, a bunch of Engineers may show up in Frostpunk. They will come to Protest about you sending so many of our supplies. Here is what they say exactly…

Sir, a group of 13 engineers is here to protest against your decision to send supplies out to the city. They want you to stop. We were sent here with a mission! We know the poor people in New Manchester will die without our help, but by helping them we risk the future of mankind!Engineers

Now you have the choice of whether you will carry on sending aid, or let them die. If you choose to keep sending aid, your discontent will rise drastically. Whilst hope will fall slightly.

If you think you can take the hit, I recommend you keep sending aid. Whilst it won’t give you any more survivors or anything special, it’s not worth stopping now. Overall, you only need to send the survivors at New Manchester Coal, Raw Food and Resources to build shelter. 3 Relief expeditions in total.

new manchester cared forAfter all of the relief expeditions have reached New Manchester, you will be thanked and they will be left to fend for themselves. The survivors won’t join your city, nor will you hear anything back. (At least for me anyway).

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