Frostpunk: Fix for Crashing, Launching & Startup errors


GamingFrostpunk: Fix for Crashing, Launching & Startup errors

Frostpunk hit the Steam platform today, after a highly anticipated release. Whilst most players have been able to get into the game smoothly, a small minority of players are having launch issues.

Upon launching the game, it either crashes, doesn’t make it past the start screen or doesn’t launch at all. Some users are also receiving the ‘Frostpunk.exe has stopped responding error’.

On top of that, some users are reporting high RAM usage. I personally don’t have any problems right now. However I thought I’d write a quick post with some potential fixes that the developers and other players have stated on the discussion forums.

frostpunk fixes
Some fixes mentioned by the developer. Scroll down for more information

It’s unknown whether just Windows 7/8 users are facing the problems, or Windows 10 users are too. I am not a developer of Frostpunk, nor am I affiliated with them. If you require further support, head to the discussion forums. Developers are working hard to listen to feedback and solve any errors and bugs in the current version of the game.

Verify your game files

One of the first fixes you can try is to verify the game files. Go into your Steam library, right click Frostpunk and choose ‘Properties’. Head into the Local Files tab and choose Verify Integrity of Game Files.

What this check does is ensures that any missing files or configurations are downloaded, and fixes any errors that may have occurred during download.

Download Visual C Package

The developer stated this potential fix themselves. Head to the Microsoft Site and download the latest VC package. Choose either 64 bit or 32 bit and install it. After doing so, try rebooting your computer and launching the game again.

Some users are reporting that this fix isn’t working, whilst some say it is. They also recommend that Windows 7/8 users have theĀ KB4019990 patch applied.

Ensure your graphic drivers are updated

You’re going to want to ensure that your graphics drivers are updated to the latest version. You will need to do this yourself, as it entirely depends on your GPU brand. If you have Nvidia, you can try running the GeForce Experience and updating your drivers there. Otherwise, check the corresponding website. Restart your PC and try again.

It seems that updating outdated graphic drivers has been the main fix for a lot of users. You may have to do this process manually using the Nvidia or AMD website.

Other possible steps

  1. Disable your anti-virus
  2. Run the game as administrator
  3. Update your version of Windows.
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