Frostpunk: How to Activate the Generator


GamingFrostpunk: How to Activate the Generator

Your generator is arguably the most important feature of your city in Frostpunk. It’s required to keep all your workers warm. In essence, it sort of acts as the ‘city hall’. Most of your works will congregate here and hang out due to the warmth.

Most nights, workers will request that you turn on the generator as they are scared of freezing to death during the night. Quick tip, click the temperature at the top of the screen, this will give you an overview of how cold your workers are, and what areas need sorting out.

When you begin to build structures, you will need to connect them with the generator with Streets. Workers will ignore buildings until you do so.

Activating the generator

The image above shows the basic interface when selecting the generator. As you can see, on the left hand side is multiple Steam Levels. Each level offers more warmth than the previous, making workers more happy at the cost of higher Coal consumption.

Generators will consume Coal each hour, with Level 1 (the lowest possible level) consuming 6 per hour. We wrote a guide here where you can find out how to gather coal and assign your workers.

Click ‘Steam Level 1’ to begin providing heat. Whilst not necessary during day time on most days, it’s usually required of a night. Eventually, you will be able to research into range settings, where you can further expand the area where heat is emitted.

Always remember to switch off the generator when you aren’t using it, as you don’t want to power through all your resources straight away! If a cold day comes along, it could slowly kill some of your workers.

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