Frostpunk: How to Build an Outpost


GamingFrostpunk: How to Build an Outpost

Outposts are really useful, and something a lot of players probably miss out on. When you build an Outpost in Frostpunk, it allows you to send Outpost Teams to different Outposts, where they will bring resources from each day.

You can get all resources from Outposts, but you can only have 2 running at once. Below are all the types and locations for A New Home:

  1. Wood: Winterhome, gives 150 wood every day.
  2. Coal: Coal mine, gives 800 wood every day.
  3. Raw Food: Fishing Village, gives 100 raw food every day.
  4. Steam Cores: Tesla City, gives 1 steam core every day. (Risk of scouts dying).
  5. Steel: Icebound Dreadnought

There is only a risk with Tesla City. You will have to choose whether you want to send your team into the city or not. There is a chance they could die if you do. Therefor, make sure to drop any materials off before heading in. Even if your scouts die, you will unlock the Steam Core outpost. If you decide to just search the outer edge of the city, you won’t unlock the Outpost.

outpost locations on the map in frostpunk
Outpost Locations. Coal and Food don’t have an icon as they where dismantled

Building your first Outpost

Before even thinking about setting up an Outpost, you need to research it in Frostpunk. Under the Exploration & Industry section, choose to research ‘Outpost Depot’. It costs 30 Wood and 20 Steel to research.

outpost depot in the research tree frostpunk
Research ‘Outpost Depot’ to get started

Once this has been researched, you can find the Outpost Depot under the Technology tree in the building menu. Building it will cost 25 Wood & 45 Steel. The spots where you can build them can be quite hard to spot at first, and be marked as ‘Invalid location’.

They are built around the edge of the map, near the cliff side. You will see a green marker on the ground. Once placed, you can build an Outpost Team for 40 Wood, 20 Steel and 10 Workers.

create an outpost team and send them to an outpost
Create your Outpost team and send them off!

Send your newly created team to one of the Outposts that you have discovered. In my case, I’m sending them to Tesla City, where they will send me one Steam Core each day in Frostpunk.

Once they have arrived, press the ‘Build Outpost’ button. That’s it! Remember, you can have 2 outposts created at any time. You can also increase the speed that your teams move at by researching it in the technology tree.


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